Accident at Workplace

Employers have a legal duty of care towards their employees in terms of their health, safety and welfare in the workplace.

Every day, we travel to and from our workplace. Different work patterns and time spent at the workplace. Naturally, we can be exposed to incidents which could lead to an injury claim which is caused by Employer, fellow employees and/or contractors to name a few. These incidents can cause Claimants injury, loss and damage. As a result of the incident, Claimant can suffer with financial difficulty more so if the Claimant is the sole/main breadwinner of the family.

Employers have a legal duty of care towards their employees in terms of their health, safety and welfare in the workplace. Both the workplace and business practices must be safe and not pose a risk to health. In addition to Employers, Employees also have a responsibility towards their fellow colleagues and should therefore also take reasonable care to keep themselves and the workplace safe. This involves following procedures and reporting any risks to line management.

Our ability to integrate smooth and efficient processes and technology to manage accident at work claims and achieve a prompt and cost-effective settlement in the shortest timeframe is one of our key strengths. We have Staff who is experts in their own specialist areas, dedicated and enhanced by first-class technical legal knowledge to resolve out of the ordinary, complicated and challenging issues that prolongs claim lifecycle amongst others.

We understand that the accident will have an impact to the Claimant and his/her family and the necessity for these claims to be dealt quickly and competently. At all times, we therefore strive to minimise the lifecycle of the claim so as to put the Claimant back at the pre-accident stage as quickly as we possibly can.

Here at One Call Legal Services Limited, we specialise in investigating and dealing with accident at work claims and offer extensive knowledge of the specific liability issues that can arise. Our Staff work to high quality and supervision controls, efficient workflows and early formulation of case strategies to control the lifecycles of claims and drive resolution.

We keep ourselves abreast of current developments by attending training and seminars. This helps us to not only provide you with a clear journey of your claim but also give you early warning of signs that will raise specific issues for your claim.

It remains our passion to strive hard and work along non-fault victims of accidents at workplace to secure a fair and reasonable compensation for the loss, injury and damage they suffered as a result of the accident.